VMware: Configuring Passtrough interfaces

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Applies to version(s): v3.0 and above

For high performance FreeSBC VMware systems, Passthrough mode can be enabled on network interfaces. Performance indications can be viewed here: Requirements Matrix This process requires a reboot of the host server running the VMware services.

Configure VMware Passthrough Networking Interface

  1. Log in using the Vmware web interface
  2. Find MAC address of ethernet interface that will be used for passthrough:
    • Networking -> Physical NICs
      Find MAC address of Network Interface.png
  3. enable passthrough mode on interface
    • Host -> Manage -> Hardware -> PCI Devices -> Select Physical Network Interface -> "Toggle Passthrough"
      Set PCI to passthrough.png
  4. Reboot the host
    • Host -> Actions -> Reboot
      Reboot VMware host.png
  5. Add PCI device to the FreeSBC instance
    • Select the FreeSBC instance -> Edit -> "Add Other Device" -> PCI Device
      Add PCI device to VM.png
    • Select the Ethernet interface to be used in passthrough mode
      Select PCI device.png
  6. Launch the FreeSBC instance
    • When selecting the interfaces in the network interface roles, use the appropriate MAC address from first step for the LAN/WAN interface. You may also notice that the device name is not "E1000" or "VMXNET" but a real Physical interface name.
      Select PCI Passthrough device.png
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