Configuring IP Interfaces

This article applies to: Product Version
SBC 3.0, 3.1

The IP interface of the LAN/WAN ports can be configured by setting the following:

  • IP Address
  • Netmask
  • Gateway

To configure a LAN/WAN IP interface

1. Select IP Interfaces from the navigation panel:

Create IP Interface Tsbc 0.png

2. Click the IP Interfaces tab.

  • Click Create New IP Interface

Create IP Interface Tsbc 1.png

3. Configure the IP interface:

  • Enter a name for the interface
  • Select 1 or more services to use for the IP interface (RTP, SIP and H.248/RADIUS can be selected simultaneously).
  • Select the Host VLAN from which IP packets will exit.
  • Indicate whether or not to use DHCP to automatically get an IP address for this port. (selecting this option removes the need to enter and IP address, Netmask, and Gateway)
  • Enter an IP address
  • Enter a Netmask
  • Enter a gateway address
  • Click Save

Create IP Interface Tsbc 2a.png


Create IP Interface Tsbc 2b.png

4. The changes are displayed in the IP interfaces information panel:

Create IP Interface Tsbc 3.png

5. Activate the configuration

  • Select System from the navigation panel.
  • Click Activate

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