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This page is the procedure migrate a Toolpack 2-2 system to a Toolpack 2-3 system.

Warning: Major upgrades require service interruption.


Stop Toolpack Service

 tbtoolpack stop

Follow Migration Guide

Toolpack system 2-3 migration guide

Run Toolpack Installer

Toolpack Installer

Copy the license

If not already done with the installation copy the license in the licenses directory




Modify tbtoolpack service configuration

Doing this will enable the service to start with the new major version.

Modify this file:


and this line:

 application= /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/[SystemId]/[MajorVersion]/apps/tboamapp/tboamapp_wd_cfg.ini

For example:

 vi /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/service/config.txt
 application= /lib/tb/toolpack/setup/12358/2.4/apps/tboamapp/tboamapp_wd_cfg.ini

Start Toolpack Service

 tbtoolpack start
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