Uploading a Software Release

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Applies to versions: v2.6, v2.7

Note: This procedure does NOT affect service.

New files are installed for the new release on the server's hard drive in a separate folder from the current active release.

To upload a new release:

1- Log on to the web portal (Of your primary host if system has redundant hosts).

2- Click Status in the navigation menu.

Status 0.png

3- Click the Hosts tab.

Toolpack v2.7 Host Tab.png

4- Select one of the Ready host list link. If using a redundant control system, Choose the primary server.

Toolpack v2.7 Host General.png

5- Select Upload Package from the Action field.

Host Control Action Upload Software v2.7.png

6- Click Browse... and select the Toolpack installer (TBToolpack-...).

7- Once the file is selected, click Apply action.

This process will take a while, depending on the speed of the connection to the Web Portal. When the installation of the software is completed, the following should appear.

Host Control Action Upload Software Result v2.5.png

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