Enabling Lawful Interception in a Routing Script

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Applies to version(s): v2.7

1- Click Routing script in the navigation panel.

RoutingScript 0 B.png

2- Edit your main script

RoutingScript 2 A.png

3- The Lawful Intercept filter is activated by the following:

  • Including the 'Lawful intercept' module in your routing script: require 'base_routing'
  • Include the LawfulIntercept class: include LawfulIntercept
  • Adding the Lawful Intercept "after_remap_filter" to your script: after_remap_filter :method => :enable_lawful_intercept

Note: If you have older routing script version (base_routing.rb < 1.29 or lawful_intercept.rb < 2.4), you will have to use "after_filter" instead of "after_remap_filter". We recommend updating to newer scripts.

Script example

require 'base_routing'

require 'lawful_intercept'                                # <- Add this line here

class SimpleRouting < BaseRouting
  include LawfulIntercept                                 # <- Add this line here
  route_match :call_field_name => :called
  route_match :call_field_name => :calling
  route_match :call_field_name => :nap
  route_remap :call_field_name => :called, :route_field_name => :remapped_called
  route_remap :call_field_name => :calling, :route_field_name => :remapped_calling
  route_remap :call_field_name => :nap, :route_field_name => :remapped_nap
  after_remap_filter :method => :enable_lawful_intercept        # <- Add this line here

@@routing = SimpleRouting.new

def init_routes( routes )
  @@routing.init routes

def route( call, nap_list )
  @@routing.route call, nap_list
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