Configuring Lawful Interception

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Applies to version(s): v2.7

Note: This procedure assumes that a Law Enforcement Agencies NAP has been created. Each Law Enforcement Agencies requires that a NAP be configured in order that the intercepted call legs are sent. NAPs can be dedicated for lawful interceptions or not.

Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies can be created in Toolpack. They operate independently of each other. They can intercept the same calls, as well as different ones.

To configure a Law Enforcement Agency:

1- Select Lawful Interception from the navigation panel

Toolpack Navigation LawfulInterception A.png

2- Enter an Indentifier for the Network Operator.

  • Click Save

3- Create a Lawful Agency

  • Click Create New Lawful Agency

Lawful configuration shot.png

4- Configure the Lawful Agency parameters:

  • Click Save.

Lawful agency shot.png

List of Parameters

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