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The Tctrl provides the following features.

Features Enhancement1 Minor Release
SIP-I/SIP-T 4248 2.6.24
SIP Reason Header RFC 3326
9046 2.6.24
SIP Spiral 12259 2.6.30
Added Overlap Sending in ISDN and SS7 12661 2.6.31
NAT traversal
SCCP TCAP/MAP opcode routing 13337 2.6.75
Network Redundancy
Tmedia 1+1 10025 2.6.24
Call Trace 6130 2.6.24
Radius Redundancy for Call Detail Records (Accounting) 7107 2.6.24
Playing Prompts in calls (Announcements) 12009 2.6.24

[1] Customer's RFC (Request For Change) tracking number.

Latest Release

The latest release is available at TelcoBridges forum

Minor Upgrades

It is considered a minor upgrade when moving, for example, from upgrading a minor point release (e.g., v2.6.1 to v2.6.2).

License Upgrades

A license upgrade activates new functionality or capacity in the system. Example of license upgrades include adding or unlocking additional capabilities.

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