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Photo of the TB16 blade

The TelcoBridges’ system-on-a-blade™ product line has the reliability, flexibility and superior performance to replace any 8 to 16 trunk telecom system with a single blade. It is a cost-effective and superior entry-level solution for lower density system requirements and provides an easy introduction to the complete TB System-Blade™ product line through its common API. Thus it gives system integrators the flexibility to address different market needs with a single platform product.

The TelcoBridges’ System-Blade™ single platform architecture allows you to build new telecommunication applications, and easily upgrade existing ones, to meet today’s requirements for reliability, flexibility and superior performance. The TB-16 System-Blade™ allows you to run multiple and different signaling stacks and trunk types on the same blade. Starting at 8 trunks it can be effortlessly upgraded to 16 trunks. Plus it supports IVR functions on all channels. All elements, such as signaling variants and trunk types (E1, T1, J1), can be dynamically configured to create a highly available system with amazing performance capabilities.

The TB-16 System-Blade™ can be easily coupled with TB StreamServer™ for superior prompts and file playback and record capability.

Special note: TelcoBridges also offers the TB8 system blade for smaller scale requirements (up to 8 T1/E1/J1s) as well as the higher capacity TB640 which supports up to 64 T1/E1/J1 interfaces as well as DS-3 and STM-1 connections.


TelcoBridges’ unique TB-16 System-Blade™ offers:

  • Easy integration
  • Dynamic configuration
  • Non-blocking architecture
  • Proven flexibility
  • High availability


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