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Wikipedia defines a softswitch as, "a central device in a telecommunications network that connects calls from one phone line to another by means of software running on a computer system. This work was formerly carried out by hardware, with physical hardware to route the calls. A softswitch is typically used to control connections at the junction point between circuit and packet networks. A single device containing both the switching logic and the switching fabric can be used for this purpose; however, modern technology has led to a preference for decomposing this device into a Call Agent and a Media Gateway."
A Softswitch can also be called a Media Gateway Controller (MGC).

TelcoBridges and softswitches

TelcoBridges does not develop softswitches. Instead it works with solution developers and system integrators partners that provide softswitch capabilities developed internally or licensed from a third party.

As of October 2014, TelcoBridges media gateways can be controlled via the SIP protocol or H.248, but not H.323 or MGCP.


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