Qotom Barebone server for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

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This unit has been tested at up to 5,000 sessions and 100 calls per second.



  • Qotom-Q190G4-S02


  • Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz, 4 cores, no Hyperthreading
  • 4GB RAM, 1300Mhz

Network Interfaces

  • Management: 1x 1Gbps copper
  • VoIP/SBC interfaces: One or two 1Gbps ethernet interface (Intel I211)

High Availability & Redundancy

  • Single power supply
  • Single 60GB SSD

Upon initial bootup, type "Del" or "Esc" to enter setup

  • Main -> Set system date and time
  • Advanced
    • ACPI Settings.
      • Restore AC power loss : Last State
      • ACPI Sleep State: Suspend Disable
    • Get Mac addresses
  • Boot
    • Quiet boot: disabled
  • Boot Override: Choose USB stick with SBC software (See procedure: Baremetal Installation)

Performance Data

vCPU vCPU dedicated RAM Network Interfaces CPS CAPS Sessions
4 yes 4 GB up to 2 130 240 5,000


Qotom web site

  • Note: Other variants of this server can provide better performances
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