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TelcoBridges H.248 stack is inherently highly available since it is part of the TMG-CONTROL software.

This means that:

  • If the host server fails, application will be restarted (on either primary or secondary host). Calls will remain active.
  • If the H.248 stack fails, it will be restarted (on either primary or secondary host), and H.248 calls will remain active.
  • If the TMedia unit fails, the backup unit will takeover (moving TDM trunks and IP interfaces if necessary). H.248 terminations will be re-allocated on the backup unit. H.248 calls remain active.

TelcoBridges H.248 stack, when restarted, will send "919 Warm Failover" event to MGC.

Some MGC, upon reception of "919 Warm Failover", will drop the H.248 calls. TelcoBridges thus offers a "transparent failover" option which hides failovers from the MGC, allowing HA behavior even with non-HA aware MGCs. This option is enabled in the Web Portal:

H.248 -> Advanced Parameters -> Behavior -> No failover service changes
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