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This page describes the TelcoBridges VoIP Gateway high availability features. TelcoBridges' products are designed with the following two goals in mind:

  1. Recover from a system failure and minimize the system down-time and network instability, as much as possible. This is achieved with fault tolerance and redundancy designed into the very architecture of the product.
  2. Keep active calls open after a fail-over, whenever possible.


TelcoBridges High Availability and Redundancy

TelcoBridges high availability and redundancy is comprised of a collection of features. These features enable customers to add as many HA and redundancy fdeatures to their systems as required.

To learn more about high availability and redundancy, see TelcoBridges website.


The following is a list of terms that are used in the description of high availability features:

TMG800 Features

TMG3200 Features

TMG7800 Features

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