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A Point Code (PC) is an address in the SS7 network. It can reference a SSP, STP or SCP. Depending on the SS7 variants, point code may have different Length.

The peer SS7 SSP address is referred as Destination Point Code or DPC.
The local SS7 SSP address is referred as Originating Point code or OPC.
We also sometimes use the term Adjacent Point Code (APC) to identify an entity connected directly to the unit with SS7 links.

The Point codes can be represented in different formats, depending on the SS7 variants:

Some regions use different formats than the dotted notation. It can either be decimal or hexadecimal. For example:

Variant Dotted Notation Decimal Hexadecimal
ITU 2.14.1 4209 1071
ITU 7.250.7 16343 3FD7
ANSI 251.3.1 16450305 FB0301

You can use the tool Point Code Converter (PCC), from LogMeTT, to convert between the different formats.


To configure Point Codes:

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