Modifying FAX Relay Profile Settings

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Applies to versions: 2.6, v2.7

To configure FAX Relay settings, do the following:

1- Click Fax Relay in the Editing Profile window, to display the customizable options.

ModifyVoipFaxRelay 0 A.png

2- Modify settings as required.

Fax modem relay nse.png

3- To configure NSE, check the Use NSE checkbox.


If NSE exchange is possible (negociated in the SDP), the switch to passthrough will happen in the RTP stream and no longer wiil occur with a SIP re-INVITE. This implementation of NSE currently only supports a switch to passthrough, which means that you can have NSE packets switching to T.38.

  • Click Save

List of Parameters

Fax/Modem Relay

T.38 Parameters

Fax/Modem Pass-through Parameters

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