How to troubleshoot Fax Calls

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To troubleshoot Fax calls, these are the recommended steps:

  • Capture Call Trace
  • Capture recording (wav file)
  • Capture SIP/RTP traffic
  • Capture TBReport


Call Trace

Call Trace was created to trace the callflow from any incoming call through the Tmedia system. It allows to see the incoming call, outgoing calls, TDM channel, SIP SDP and more. This can be accessed from the Web Portal. You can create a filter to see call information. See Using Unique call trace.

Capture Recording

This process records the media data in a wav file that can be listened to or replayed as a T.30 Fax stream. See Target Recording

Capture SIP/RTP traffic

This is used to capture the T.38 or passthrough traffic. See VoIP Capture

Capture Application logs

This is used to see if any errors or special cases found in the application logs. With version 2.9 or later, see Capture a TBReport log
With version 2.8 and below: Application Log Files

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