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TelcoBridges' products can be upgraded to:

  • Increase a unit capacity
  • Acquire new features / enhancements

Upgrades are achieved by using one or more of the following methods:


Hardware Upgrades

When purchasing increased capacity, the unit may required additional VoIP hardware. Contact technical support for the hardware upgrade procedure.

License Upgrades

A license upgrade is required in the following situations:

  • Increasing the capacity / unlocking a signaling stack
  • Upgrading to a new major version
  • Extending the expiration date of a temporary license
  • Converting a temporary license into a permanent license


Software Upgrades

Tctrl Upgrades

Tctrl software upgrades can be major or minor in nature.

Since v2.7.145 and up, it is possible to do any type of upgrades (minor and major) using the web portal:

Major Software Upgrades

Major upgrades before v2.7 requires the following procedure:

Operating System Upgrades

The Tctrl software is running over CentOS operating system. To upgrade the operating system, it requires the following procedure:

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