Web Portal migration guide v2-5

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This article shows how to migrate a configuration from v.2.4 to v2.5. It is based on the following forum topic:

Note: This procedure is mandatory if you plan to do ANY modifications to your configuration.

Copy Configuration

Before modifying the configuration, make a copy your current one.


Copy your active configuration

Add VoIP port range

We suggest creating IP port ranges for each of the hardware units you have. The upgrade has created an "invisible" port range but if you want to create new SIP NAPs, the WebPortal will required you to provide a valid one.

Add VoIP port range

Convert NAP name from string to pointers

To avoid any more errors in the Gateway configuration, the NAP text names in routes have all been replaced by direct pointers. Therefore, you can no longer have a mismatched NAP name between the NAP configuration page and the gateway routes! That is a very good thing. However, since you've migrated from v2.4, the configuration DB contains textual names. Toolpack must convert those to pointers.

  • Go to configurations->Gateway->NAPs. A yellow tab should appear at the top of the page requesting to convert automatically the NAP names. Click on it to let the system do the conversion automatically.
  • Go to configurations->Gateway->Routes. A similar yellow tab could appear at the top of the page. If so, click on the link to convert the NAP names in the routes.

Routing scripts

If you were using routing scripts in v2.4 (either the default ones or a customized-one), you have the choice to keep it (which is the default behavior of the upgrade) OR you can migrate to the v2.5 script. We usually recommend to migrate to benefit from new features (such as routesets routing). However, if you had customized your script, you will need to merge your script code with the new versions. Be aware that function prototypes have changed in the scripts between v2.4 and v2.5. You cannot simply copy your v2.4 script in v2.5.

  • Go to configurations->Gateway->routing script. Click on "list" followed by "Create new scripts" with the default scripts. Enter a name such as "2_5_scripts" to differentiate with your v2.4 scripts.
    • If you were using one of the default scripts previously in v2.4, simply activate the same one from the new "2_5_scripts". This is done by changing the "Use script" field from the "configuration->Gateway" page.
    • If you were using a modified script, then you'll need to manually merge your code in the new "2_5_scripts" and retest it. You can activate your new script by changing the "Use script" field from the "configuration->Gateway" page.