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The Packages section of the Web Portal provides a list of releases of the system software installed on the device. These releases are called packages.

A Package corresponds to a given release of the Toolpack system software comprising the Web Portal software, the Toolpack engine, the Media Gateway application, and code from the Toolpack API. The Toolpack software sees major upgrades between 2 and 3 times a year, with additional minor or point releases available more frequently. These can be installed on an optional basis. You should contact the TelcoBridges technical support department for questions regarding upgrades. They can be reached by e-mail at

While the actual installation of a new package is performed outside of the Web Portal, you can, using the web portal, upgrade from or rollback to a given version of the Toolpack system software. In fact multiple versions of this software, located in discreet directories, can be stored on the device at any given time, as long as required storage capacity is available. However, only a single version of the Toolpack system software can be active at any given moment.