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Session Border Controllers

TSBC5000 Session border controller

The TSBC family of Session Border Controllers benefits from TelcoBridges' decade long experience with packet network bridging.

Our SBC's enable high performance SIP to SIP (B2BUA), transcoding, header manipulation and extensive routing.

With an exclusive restful API, small and large scale deployment is both rapid and easy.

Our carrier grade solutions have been deployed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Robust security is the hallmark of the TSBC, protecting network infrastructure from DoS and Distributed Denial of Service attacks in addition of features such as blacklisting and call access control.

Class leading density and integrated transcoding offers cost efficiency and hybrid functionality allowing service providers to do more with less.


  • Software upgradeable from 25 to 5000 sessions and transcoding up to 2744 sessions, the TSBC5000 is the most cost-effective SBC product for service providers and carriers currently available on the market that combines solid protection, IP-to-IP network adaptation and fast setup time in a single solution.