Configuring a Web Portal Profile

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Applies to version v2.7

Web profiles enables regions of the Web Portal to be hidden from view. This is a configuration that applies to all users of the web portal.

A web portal profile is apllied at the system configuration level. If for example, the basic-sip configuration does not require ISDN signalling, web profiles can remove ISDN as an accessible option from the web portal navigation panel.

The following procedure illustrates this example.

To configure a web profile:

1- Click Configurations in the navigation panel

WebProfile Navigation Panel A.png

2- Locate the desired configuration in the Configurations List and click Edit.

WebProfiel EditConfiguration A.png

3- Click Web Profiles to modify the web portal profile..

WebProfile Select A.png

4- Uncheck/clear any web portal options that you do not wish to see.

WebProfile Customize A.png

5- Click Save. The web portal option is immediately removed from the navigation panel.

Example: ISDN is removed from the naviagation panel

WebProfile Example A.png

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