Retrieving a License for SBC Units

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Applies to version(s): v3.0

First Time Installation

For first time installation of TSBC-SW, use this procedure from the web portal of the TSBC:

Maintenance -> Packages and Licenses -> Download license seed file

Downloading license seed 1.png

Send this file to

This will be used to generate the initial license of the unit and the support group will send you this license.

Download License

In all other cases, our partners can generate licenses from the following site:

For partners who do not have a login for the above site, please contact TelcoBridges TB Support.

Download License

  1. Click on License Download from the left menu or on the Download button from the main page
  2. Enter the Serial number of your device (VTB-xxxx-xxxx)
  3. Click on the device
  4. Select your Version from the drop down menu
  5. Click Download.