Defining a Clocking Source

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Applies to version(s): v2.7.

A clock is a necessary component of a TDM network. Synchronizing your system to the right clock allows it to offer a good quality of sound. It is recommended that you configure an external clocking source for your system.

To configure a clock:

1- Click Clocking in the navigation panel

Clock 0.png

2- Click Create New External System Clock Reference

Toolpack v2.5 Create Clocking.png

3- Create the new clocking source:

  • Select the appropriate hardware adapter
  • Select a clock reference type (in this example, Line Service was chosen)
  • Select a clock reference source (in this example "Line_Service_00")

Note: In this example, Line Service was chosen as the reference type, and a line service was chosen as the clocking source.

Toolpack v2.5 Creating Clocking.png

4- Verify that the SystemClock was successfully created message appears, and that the new clocking source appears in the External System Clock Reference List

Toolpack v2.5 Clocking Created.png

List of Parameters

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