Creating an SNMPv3 User

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This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.7

To create a new SNMPv3 user, carry out the following steps:

  • Click Create new SNMPv3 user under the SNMPv3 Users heading

Snmp cfg create user.gif

  • In the user creation window:
    • Enter a unique name for the user
    • Click the check box to allow or disallow the write privilege for the current community
    • Click the security level drop-down box to select authentication and privacy settings
    • Click the authentication drop-down box to select the authentication algorithm to use
    • Enter a pass phrase in the password phrase text box to set an authentication pass phrase
    • Click the privacy protocol drop-down box to select the privacy standard to use
    • Enter a pass phrase in the privacy phrase text box to set a privacy pass phrase
    • Click Create

Snmp cfg creating user.gif

  • Verify that the "SNMP user was successfully created" message appears at the top of the following screen

Snmp cfg user confirm.gif

  • The new user should now appear under the SNMPv3 Users

Snmp cfg user created.gif