Creating a 1+1 Group

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Applies to version v2.6, v2.7

A 1+1 group indentifies the two Tmedia hardware devices that will operate together to provide 1+1 backup protection. One device is identified as the primary hardware device, while the other device is identified as the backup hardware device. To create a 1+1 group, you must use the Tmedia Web Portal.

To create a 1+1 group:

1- Click 1+1 Groups in the navigation panel

Create1and1Group 0 A.png

2- Click Create New 1+1 Group

Create1and1Group 1 A.png

3- Enter the serial numbers of the Primary and Backup Hardware devices.

  • Select the serial number of the primary hardware device. (This field may already be filled.)
  • Select the serial number of the backup hardware device.
  • Set Auto switch-back to cause an automatic switch back to the original primary hardware device when it becomes available. If the field is clear (not checked), then a switch back to the original device will occur only after a manual reboot of the system.
  • Click Save

Create1and1Group 2 A.png

4- Verify that the newly added 1+1 group appears in the 1+1 Groups List

Create1and1Group 3 A.png

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