Creating User groups

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Applies to version v2.7

One or more user groups can be created to define access rights, such as read only, read/write, or no access at all. These rights can be assigned to all regions of the web portal or to specific areas.

To create a user group:

1- Click Users in the navigation panel

Users Navigation Panel A.png

2- Select the User Groups tab and click Create New User Groups, to add a new user group.

Users CreateNewUserGroup A.png

3- Assign a name to the user group in the Name field.

Users AssignNewUserGroup A.png

4- Configure the access for the user group by one of the following two methods:

4a- Select an Authorization type, from the Apply All field , such as:

  • Read
  • Read/Write
  • No access

This will apply the authorization to all regions of the web portal.

4b- Customize authorization and access individually by setting the authorization type in each web portal field.

Users CustomizeNewUserGroup A.png

5- Click Create.

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