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This tool has been deprecated in version 2.8+

Applies to version v2.7

To configure the polling of system statistics:

1- Click Statistics in the navigation panel

StatisticsConfiguration 0.png

2- Set the global polling values:

  • Select the Configuration tab.
  • Verify that the Enabled check box is set.
  • Select a Global Polling Level. A value of 0 provides the most detail, while a value of 4 provides the least.
  • Select a Global Polling Interval.
  • Set the maximum directory size for the storage of statistics.
  • Click Save

StatisticsConfiguration 1.png


Statistics polling can be customized by adding profiles to the global settings. Profiles provide further detail to statistics, enabling you to gather more data.

Profiles are configure by accessing the Profiles tab, and are described in Profile section of the statistics.

List of Parameters

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