ISDN/NFAS Overlap Parameters

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Applies to version v2.6, 2.7

Overlap parameters enable default ISDN call settings to be tailored for specific needs. If for example there is a limit of 20 digits to the called destination number and more digits are required, it is possible to adapt the configuration to use the "Overlap Sending" method.

To configure Overlap Paramters:

1- Click NAP in the navigation panel

Overlap 0 A.png

2- Click Edit to modify a NAP .

Overlap 0 1 A.png

3- Click Overlap Params to view options.

  • Set the Enable Overlap Sending checkbox.
  • Set other parameters as required
    • Enter the number of digits to send in the Overlap Receiving Expected Digits field.
  • Click Save

Overlap 1 A.png