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Applies to version v2.7

When you receive a new system, at least one hardware configuration will have been set in the Toolpack application server, by default. To add a TMS hardware device to your system, you must use the Tmedia Web Portal.

Schematic showing 2 TMP6400 devices with an external server and a second machine with a web browser

To add one or more additional hardware devices to the Toolpack system configuration, their serial numbers must be registered with the Toolpack application server.

To add a hardware device:

1- Click Hardware Units in the navigation panel

TdmSwitch 0.png

2- Click Create New Unit, to add a new hardware device

TdmSwitch 1.png

3- Enter a name for the hardware device

  • Enter the serial number of the new hardware device (filling in the Serial Number field will cause auto-completion of the field to occur).
  • Select the appropriate hardware device from the Type field. (In this case select TDM Switch)
  • Enter the location in which the hardware device is installed.
  • Enter a meaningful description for the use or purpose of the hardware device.
  • Select Enabled from the Target State field.
  • Click Create

TdmSwitch 2.png

4- Verify that the newly added hardware device appears in the TDM Switch Units list.

TdmSwitch 3.png

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