Tmedia, Tsig, and Tdev Web Portal 3.0 Tutorial Guide


The Web Portal Tutorial provides you with a scenario-based approach to configuring and monitoring the status of Tmedia, Tsig and Tdev systems, using the Web Portal configuration tool. Complete general installation configuration steps, before you begin configuring your specific application.


Tmedia, Tsig or Tdev devices must be installed as described in their respective installation guides. Tmedia and Tsig devices are shipped with the Tmedia Web Portal pre-installed. Tmedia and Tsig system communication is established with the control network. In the case of Tdev devices, toolpack must be correctly installed and it must detect its hardware devices.

Web Portal Categories

Web Portal configuration and status topics are grouped into the following major categories. It is recommended that you follow this order.

  • System (Configuration) (Status)
    • Host Role
    • Access and User Management
    • Database Backup
    • SNMP
    • Configuration
    • Services
    • Telephony Services
    • Package Upgrade
    • Upload Software License
    • Statistics
    • Audit Logs
  • Fax (Configuration)
    • FAX passthrough (silence suppression)
    • FAX T.38
    • FAX passthrough (NSE)
    • FAX passthrough (VBD)
  • Call Route (Configuration)
    • Static Route
    • Routing Script
    • Label Routing
    • RADIUS Authorization and Authentication (Status)
  • Troubleshooting (Configuration)
    • CallTrace
    • Test Call
    • Target Recording
    • VoIP Ethernet Capture