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New Features

Tctrl provides the following new features:

Features Enhancement1 Minor Release
Web portal parameter to enable V34 Faxes 10980 2.5.85
H.248 No-loss-of-service - 2.5.11
CAS R2 - 2.5.11
ISDN NFAS - 2.5.100
SIGTRAN IUA - 2.5.100
MTP3 support for multiple networks with same sub-service 11845 2.5.111
CAS R2 support dynamic changes of C and D bits 12311 2.5.120
Network Redundancy
H.248 1+1 Network Redundancy 11287 2.5.104
Signaling Interworking
Implement outgoing SS7 Continuity Testing (H.248 only) 6337 2.5.11
Add option to prevent 183 from generating alert 10239 2.5.23
Call progress tones playback 8150 2.5.43
Cause code mapping 10255 2.5.43
Support of text (ascii) format for UUI 10920 2.5.53
Configurable SS7/ISDN information transfer capability 11001 2.5.63
Blind (Unattended) Call Transfer for ISDN/ISUP to SIP - 2.5.80
Local number portability mapping 6263 2.5.100
Helper to configure KLM or ITU ISUP CICS for STM/SONET 9411 2.5.66
Support SNMP V2 and V3 - 2.5.80
Add SNMP ISDN MIB - 2.5.80
Support SNMP for multiple TMedia units - 2.5.89
Tandem switch routing script 8222 2.5.11
Route retry 6819 2.5.11
Add "redirecting number" to routing script 7937 2.5.28
Add SIP Custom Header insertion to routing script 11864 2.5.117

[1] Customer's RFC (Request For Change) tracking number.

Latest Detailed Release

The latest detailed release note is available at TelcoBridges forum.

Minor Upgrades

It is considered a minor upgrade when moving, for example, from upgrading a minor point release (e.g., v2.5.1 to v2.5.2).

License Upgrades

A license upgrade activates new functionality or capacity in the system. Example of license upgrades include adding or unlocking additional capabilities.

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