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The most recent signaling protocols have inherent redundancy and high availability features. For the other signaling protocols, there are still way to improve service availability.

TMG800 / TMG3200 Series


TelcoBridges recommends to use 2 timeslots as MTP2 links on different line interface. This will protect against E1/T1 or DS3 failure. Also, the TMG3200-DS3 and TMG3200-STM1 have 2 signaling ports that can be configure as MTP2 links.

The following example shows the redundancy of MTP2 links.

TMG3200 MTP2 Redundancy Setup

The SS7 network is still available even if 1 link goes down.

TMG3200 MTP2 Redundancy Setup With Link Down


SIGTRAN supports multiple destination addresses and peers to create redundancy.

The following example shows how M2UA can take advantage of the Tmedia dual VoIP interfaces to create a redundant system (Note: M2PA and M3UA have similar features).

TMG3200 M2UA Redundancy Setup

The M2UA system is still operational even if there is a network failure.

TMG3200 M2UA Redundancy Setup

The M2UA system is still operational even if a M2UA peer goes down.

Power Distribution Recommended Setup



With TMG7800 system composed of multiple telecom units, it is recommended to spread the TDM connections between the providers between the telecom units.

The next example shows 2 TMG7800 Telecom units connected to 2 providers with ISDN stacks load shared between them (CAS and SIP can be configured in a similar fashion):

TMG7800 TDM Interfaces Load Sharing

Even if a telecom units fails, all the providers will be accessible through other unit:

TMG7800 TDM Interfaces Load Sharing With Telecom Unit Failure


TelcoBridges SS7 stack has a multitude of redundancy mechanism that can fortify a TMG7800 system against failure.

  • MTP2 Link Redundancy
  • MTP3 Layer is shared between multiple telecom units
  • ISUP Layer Redundancy

With the TMG7800, it is recommended to configure the Tmedia system with at least 2 MTP2 links each on different telecom units and 2 ISUP each one stack on different TMG7800 telecom units.

In the following example, the system SS7 will still be operational whether a link, stack or TMG7800 telecom units failure.

TMG7800 Recommended SS7 Network Configuration


The TMG7800 can really create a fully redundant SIGTRAN system, it supports multiple destination addresses, multiple peers.

The following example shows a SIGTRAN system with 2 MTP2 links, 2 M2UA links and 2 M2UA peers (Note: M2PA and M3UA have similar features).

TMG7800 M2UA Redundancy Setup