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The TMG7800 was designed for high-capacity, high-performance and high availability in mind.

There are 3 features available for the TMG7800-CTRL


When dealing with a high capacity system, TelcoBridges recommends to use 2 TMG7800-CTRL units. The goal is to minimize down time in case of failure. When 2 TMG7800-CTRL units work in redundancy, 1 is considered as Active, the other Standby.

Here is an example TMG7800-CTRL unit switchover:

Default Host redundancy setup where Primary TMG7800-CTRL unit is Active and Secondary unit is Standby

TMG7800-CTRL Redudancy Setup

In the eventuality where the Primary unit fails, the Secondary unit will take over management of the system.

TMG7800-CTRL Redudancy With Primary Failure

When the Primary recovers, the Secondary unit will remain the Active unit

TMG7800-CTRL Redudancy With Primary Recovery

Dual Power Supply

Each of the TMG7800-CTRL contains dual AC or DC power supplies. For more details, see the power supplies page.

Hard Disk

One of the most common failure for server are hard disk failure. Which is why all TMG7800-CTRL units are supplied with 2 hard disks setup in RAID1. It is important to mention that the hard disks are hot-swappable.