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The MTP2 layer in the SS7 protocol stack defines the functions and procedures of the signaling system for a reliable transfer of signaling messages over an SS7 signaling link. The MTP2 layer is a service provider to the MTP3 link layer, and at the same time it is a service user of the underlying trunk layer.

A conceptual illustration of the MTP2 layer is provided to the right.

Supported MTP2 variants

MTP1 and MTP2

  • 56, 64, n x 64 kbps low-speed links (LSL)
  • 1.5 and 2 Mbps high-speed links (HSL)
  • Supports dynamic link configuration
  • Supported variants
    • ITU-T, Q.701, Q.703
    • ANSI T1.111.3
    • JT Q.703 (TTC, Japan)
    • NTT Q.703 (NTT, Japan)

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