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The SIGTRAN M2UA (Message Transfer Part 2 User Adaptation Layer) is used to interface the MTP2 of the signaling gateway to the MTP3 of a media gateway controller (MGC). M2UA can also be seen as way to extend an MTP2 link. An M2UA link is always bound to an MTP2 link.

The following diagram illustrates the setup using M2UA:


The M2UA layer can interface with either a NIF (Nodal Inter-working Function) or an MTP3 layer; therefore, M2UA has two modes of operation. Furthermore, Toolpack can configure M2UA in both modes.

TelcoBridges and M2UA

TelcoBridges supports M2UA as part of its SIGTRAN implementation.

Sigtran use cases

You can see some use cases for Sigtran here: Sigtran use cases



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