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Security, ease of deployment, IP network adaptation and peering solution for:

  • Cloud computing
  • Baremetal COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf)
  • Specialized compact carrier grade form factor

The TelcoBridges TSBC-SW is our Session Border Controller (SBC) product.

Software upgradeable from 100 to 60,000 sessions (or 30,000 with 100% transcoding), the TSBC-SW is the most cost-effective SBC product for service providers and carriers currently available on the market that combines solid protection, IP-to-IP network adaptation and fast setup time in a single solution.

Characteristics of the TSBC-SW

  • Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA)
  • DOS/DDOS protection, dynamic blacklisting and call access control
  • Easy to deploy, operate and manage through various interfaces including a RESTful API
  • Integrated network troubleshooting tools (traces, media/signaling recording, test call generation, etc)
  • Up to 60,000 simultaneous signaling and media sessions
  • Media transcoding
  • Flexible and extensive routing with SIP headers modification capabilities
  • Fit to install on clouds, baremetal servers or TelcoBriges' hardware.


The TelcoBridges TSBC-HW-SRV-HIGH and TSBC-HW-SRV-MID are a carrier-grade hardware platforms to run the TSBC-SW session border controller designed for Network-to-network interface (NNI SBC), peering and access functions (access SBC).


TSBC-HW-SRV-HIGH, 1U Session Border Controller
  • 1U form factor
  • Up to 60,000 sessions
  • Single IP for media and signaling
  • Telco-grade hardware
    • NEBS3 certified
    • Supports AC or DC redundant power supplies
    • Integrated hardware RAID
  • Flexible network interfaces configurations
    • 10GE and/or GigE network interface cards
    • Electrical and optical (SFP+) connectors
  • Out-of-band management


TSBC-HW-SRV-MID, 1U Session Border Controller
  • 1U slim form factor
  • Up to 30,000 sessions
  • Integrated hardware RAID1
  • Out-of-band management

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

TelcoBridges TSBC-SW is offered as a virtual SBC, ready to be deployed in a private/public cloud environment. Along with TelcoBridges licensing model, the TSBC-SW transforms the following advantages into benefits to customers.

  • Avoid up-front infrastructure costs
  • Faster (new) service deployment
  • Improved manageability
  • Grow/Shrink on demand
  • Pay as you go

Baremetal COTS

Commercial off-the-shelf

The TSBC-SW is offered on baremetal COTS platform. The advantages running the TSBC-SW on baremetal are:

  • Higher performance (sessions per seconds)
  • Higher capacity (simultaneous sessions and media handling)


TSBC-HW-TRANS, 1U transcoding unit

The TelcoBridges TSBC-HW-TRANS is a carrier-grade hardware platform to transcode sessions processed by the TSBC-SW session border controller:

  • 1U slim form factor
  • Up to 2744 transcoding sessions per unit
  • Up to 16 TSBC-HW-TRANS per TSBC-SW system (43,904 transcoding sessions)
  • Telco-grade hardware with either AC or DC redundant power supplies
  • Transcoding for G711, G723, G729, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, T.38, DTMF and more
  • Add voice services to the SBC call flows