Enabling Call Recording

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This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.7

The recording of calls is enabled and configured from the Web Portal.

WARNING: The enabling of target recording may impact the performance of the system and should only be done for troubleshooting purposes only.

To enable the recording of calls:

1-Click Gateway in the navigation panel.

CallRecording 0.png

2-Click Advanced Parameters.

CallRecording 1.png

3- Set the Enable Call Recording (debug) checkbox.

  • Enter values for the call recording.
  • Click Save.

CallRecording 2.png

Filtering options are combined in an "AND" manner. A call will be recorded only if it matches ALL of the specified filtering options (calling number, called number, incoming NAP, outgoing NAP). Any filtering option left blank is ignored.

These filtering options are global to the Tmedia system. For a finer-grain control over call recording, routing scripts can be used.