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=== '''''Applies to version: v2.7.''''' ===
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Enabling Local NAT Traversal}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Enabling Local NAT Traversal}}
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Tmedia 2.7

To enable Local NAT Traversal:

1- Select NATs from the navigation panel.

Sip D 0.png

2- Click Create New Configuration

  • Enter a meaningful name.
  • Choose a Local Method.
  • If necessary, provide an extra parameter.

Local nat add.png

  • Click Create

Once the NAT configuration is completed, it must be associated with a NAP.

3- Select NAPs from the navigation panel

Sip C 0.png

4- Select a SIP NAP from the Network Access Point list

  • Click Edit

SipParams 0 1 A.png

5- In the Network Address Translation section:

  • Choose the proper Local Method. The select box will contain the same name as the Local NAT configuration, that you provided in step #2.

Local nat select.png

  • Click Save

The following describes the 2 Local NAT Traversal Methods:


This method is used if you are not behind a NAT. This is the default value.

Force Public IP

This method will set some of the SIP Headers and SDP fields with the IP address that you set.

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