Call Trace

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Call trace (uct) was created to trace the callflow from an incoming call through the Tmedia system. It enables viewing of the incoming call, the routing decision, outgoing calls, other outgoing calls if there is route retry, the parameters selected for SIP SDP, the SIP Call-id, the trunk and timeslot chosen for TDM protocols, the termination result code, and more.

It stores information for long periods of time and search for calls in history. The last 10,000 call legs (default size) can be seen directly in the web portal. Older logs can be loaded and viewed on the same system, or exported to other systems. Once a specific call has been consulted, it will remain in memory for a longer period of time, so that it can be consulted later on.
Calls to view can be filtered according to called number, calling number, Network Access Point (NAP), time of day range, protocol and direction.


  • Troubleshooting call flows
  • Download audio from recorded calls
  • Terminate suspicious calls

Filter parameters