Tmedia, Tsig, and Tdev Web Portal 2.3 Tutorial Guide

The articles in the Web Portal Tutorial describe the setup and configuration of a Tdev system consisting of TMP6400 devices and TMP6400-TMS switches, or a Tmedia TMG3200 system using the Web Portal component of Toolpack.

Please note that most of the information panels of the Web Portal provide you with configuration and status information. Other than the last section in this guide (i.e., status menus), all sections are designed to show you how to configure your Tmedia or Tdev system; therefore, they do not describe how to navigate and interpret system status. To learn about system status information, refer to the final section of this guide.

Finally, it is recommended that you follow the order of the tasks here in order to successfully configure a Tmedia or Tdev system, particularly if you want to configure signaling stacks or line interfaces.

Before you begin This document assumes that the Tmedia or Tdev devices are installed as described in their Quick Reference Guides and that communication has been established with the control network.

(Note: The TMG3200 is shipped with the Tmedia Web Portal preinstalled, while the TMP6400 requires that Toolpack be installed as described in the TMP6400 Installation Guide.)

Furthermore, in the case of the TMP6400 and the initial configuration of the Toolpack application server, the following will have been provided:

  • The TMP6400 to which the Web Portal will first connect.
  • The TMP6400 will have been pre-configured with its physical TDM interface.
  • The serial number of the TMP6400 will have been entered into the configuration file.
  • The application software for the TMP6400 devices will have been pre-installed on the Toolpack application server, as described in the TMP6400 Installation Guide.

This document also assumes familiarity with topics, such as ISDN signaling, SIP signaling, and SS7 signaling.

Key concepts

  • System: A system is defined as the complete solution that is designed for a network. If a system solution is comprised of 4 TMP6400’s and a TMS1600, then the combination of these TelcoBridges devices is termed a system.
  • Hardware: Each TelcoBridges devices, whether it is a TMP6400, TMG3200, or TMS1600 is referred to as a hardware device or hardware adapter.
  • Line Interface: The physical TDM module installed on the TelcoBridges device is referred to as a line interface.