Web Portal Sections:Systems

The Systems section of the Web Portal provides a list of the 'systems' that have been configured on the device. In Toolpack terminology, a 'system' refers to one or more devices that are combined together to act as a single system for a given purpose. Depending on the Tmedia or Tdev model, a system may contain more than media gateway or telecom platform device.

The Tmedia TMG800, TMG3200 and TMG5800 media gateways are by definition each a single system, since they feature integrated application hosts. Specifically in the case of these three devices, each application host may only control the device in which it is resident.

However, in the case of the Tmedia TMG7800 and Tdev TMP7900, a system corresponds to more than one underlying media gateway or telecom development platform. In both cases, there may be up to 16 individual gateway or platform devices included, but configured as a single system.

The remaining members of the Tdev product family, where an external application host is used to control the device, also offer the ability to be grouped together and viewed as a single system.

Finally, each system has its own system ID; this system ID is referenced on all devices that are included in that system. The system ID is also used to determine the network port that you connect to on a given system host.