Web Portal Sections:Status

The Status section is the first section of the Web Portal that you come into contact with. It is displayed by default once you log on. It offers both a general system status overview as well as the status of individual applications, services, protocols and interfaces. Since it is often necessary to provide status information for more than a dozen of these individual system components, they are listed using a tabbed interface. To access the status information specific to a given system component, simply click on the tab of the same name as the system component you would like to view.

Starting with Toolpack v2.5 and subsequent releases of the Web Portal, the tabs interface has been revised to provide an additional level of actionable information at a quick glance. The text in the individual tab names is colour-coded to indicate the status of a given system component as follows:

  • A tab with green text should be understood as functioning as expected
  • A tab with orange text is meant to convey that, while no error or fault may have taken place, the system administrator should validate the situation
  • A tab with red text should be understood as an alarm and should be acted upon immediately
  • A tab with regular black text is simply one for which the underlying system component has not been configured