Web Portal Sections:Backups

The Backups section of the Web Portal provides a list of the backups that have been made of the overall system configuration database, which contains each of the various sub-configurations that we will discuss in a moment.

Making regular backups of your system is considered an excellent habit to keep and TelcoBridges has made it easy to do so. Creating a backup is as simple as clicking the 'Create' button and then refreshing the screen to see it appear in the list. (You can refresh the screen by clicking on the Backups menu item in the navigation bar.)

Backups are stored locally but can be exported offline via HTTP for safe-keeping. Simply click on the ‘Download’ link to the immediate right of a backup file’s name.

Restoring from an existing backup is as simple as selecting it from the list of previous backups and clicking on ‘Restore’. It is worth noting that the file name of the archive that is created when backing up the database contains the date and the time at which the backup was created. Before clicking ‘Restore’ though, it is advisable to first check the backup file for corruption. You can also restore from an offline copy by uploading it via HTTP. Just browse your local file system to find the archived file, and then click ‘Upload’ to send it to the device.