Voicemail Service

VoiceMailMenu implements a top level voicemail service. This class shows how easy it is to use the ToolPack’s IVR classes. This service demonstrates a simple Voicemail service, which can be used in the two following scenarios:

  • Directly on an incoming call Leg
  • From a user defined state during a call (i.e., busy or no-answer).

Class TBCAF::CTBCAFVoiceMailMenu|CTBCAFVoiceMailMenu shows how to use the ToolPack’ IVR classes to build a full featured IVR Application.


VoiceMailMenu can be used directly on the ITBCMCLib::OnCallLegPresent() Event. This class can be used like CTBCAFBridgecall (LINK?) bridging class. The usage is the same, but the service differs. Moreover, VoiceMailMenu can be used from any moment during a call, on a user defined event like busy or no-answer. This service is used by the Telephony Application.


This is a demonstration service, and as such it cannot be used 'as is' nor derived from.


  • TBCAF::CTBCAFIvr|IVR Menu manager
  • Interface of Menus handled by the Menu manager (LINK?)

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