Toolpack version 2.3

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The following features were introduced in Toolpack v2.3:

Scriptable Routing Engine

  • Toolpack v2.3 simplifies the creation and modification of routing tables, with the introduction of a scripting engine based on the Ruby programming language. As part of this release, TelcoBridges is providing a number of ready-to-use scripts, with additional scripts to be made available as we go forward. This new approach is meant to supplement the current approach to building routes.

RADIUS (Accounting)

  • This new release of Toolpack now offers formal explicit support for the accounting function of RADIUS. With this new release, Call detail record (CDR) data can be stored on a dedicated, external server running an implementation of the RADIUS standard.

Enhanced High Availability

  • As of version 2.3, Toolpack provides complete HA support in software as well as hardware, enabling complete end-to-end high availability. Application redundancy is now complemented by redundancy of the core configuration database.

Tmedia Signaling Ports

  • This enhancement enables you to convert the two BITS ports on Tmedia or Tdev DS-3 / STM1 expansion boards in to E1/J1 MTP2 (SS7) signaling ports, allowing you to make even greater use of your DS-3 / STM-1 communications capacity.

TCAP configuration

  • This new release extends TCAP configuration capabilities to the Toolpack web portal, making it possible to access TCAP. You can now run your Applications over TCAP, while in the Toolpack environment.

One-click installer

  • Toolpack version 2.3 adds a new one-click software installer in GUI or text mode, doing away with the hassle and potential configuration issues that came with the old manual approach when installing or upgrading the Toolpack software. The introduction of a one-click installer is the first step, along with the new routing engine, in a greater effort to make it easier to develop and deploy solutions based on TelcoBridges products. The Toolpack Installation Guide covers this new approach.

Latest Release

The latest release is available at TelcoBridges forum