Users and User Groups are the building blocks of authentication and authorization for Toolpack systems.

The proper implementation of Users and User Groups increases efficiency and reduce costs by:

  • Reducing Human Error,
  • Mitigating Risks,
  • Improving Security,
  • Speeding up and simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting.


Each person that uses Toolpack Web Portal should be assigned their own user name and password.

User Groups

User Groups define a list of authorized actions applied to each item in the left-hand navigation menu of the Web Portal.

There are 3 authorization levels per resource:

   Full access to the resource.
   Only view access to the resource. The action commands will be hidden.
   No access to the resource. It won't be displayed in the left menu.

Best practices

  • Each User needs to be in a User Group. To modify a user's access to a resource, modify the User Group it belongs to or create a new User Group with the appropriate authorization.
  • The Admin User Group is not modifiable, and each User in this group has access to all the resources of the Web Portal.
  • Be careful when creating a User Group that has full authorization to Users. Read/Write Access to users is a security risk because a user can create another user belonging to the Admin user group, thus gaining total access to the web portal.

Security settings (from 2.10 and up)

Security settings regroup all the global settings options available in the Web Portal.

It contains the following options:


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