Troubleshooting Toolpack

This page contains pointers to help troubleshoot Toolpack-based systems.

Web portal

Problem: The web portal does not start or is not accessible.

Problem: I cannot perform addition or modification of configuration in the web portal. Usually this occurs in a new Toolpack Platform, for example, when new Toolpack software has been just installed on a host or a new TMG3200 is started up.

Problem: The system does not work properly with a copied configuration.

Problem: There are no web browser on the linux host server ssh tunnel can be use to re-direct the connection on a remote host port to a local port:

System configuration backup

Problem: How do I make sure I keep my system configuration?

All the configuration are stored in a MySQL database. To perform a backup, refer to the following links:

For releases before 2.4 or older or if you do not have access to the web portal, see Manual Database Backup.

This could also be useful: Scheduled Database Backup


Problem: The Tmedia device does not accept or generate calls

Fax Calls

Problem: Fax call is not working

SS7 CIC group is locally blocked

Problem: A SS7 Circuit Identification Code is blocked.

Network Interfaces

Problem: E1 trunks are not up

Problem: Cannot ping VoIP interface
The IP address of the VoIP port is configured and you cannot ping it.

How to gather all logs

Problem: Which application logs should I gather?

Access to unit

Problem: I lost access to the unit. How to recover the IP address of the unit?

Problem: I lost the SSH password

  • It is possible to reset the SSH password. Please contact to get the procedure.

Problem: I want to do a factory reset

  • Normally a Factory Reset is not required. System can be re-configured to original settings in a few steps. Please contact to get the procedure.
  • Factory reset is available on recent versions of the TelcoBridges units. The procedure is described here: Factory Reset.

Installation (for developers)

Problem: Toolpack fails during installation

Problem: Can't download a new software package

  • You see this error while trying to download a software package with wget:
Resolving failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.
wget: unable to resolve host address `

Problem: The Toolpack system does not start

Problem: I want to change the hostname of the server running Toolpack

How to submit a problem

Problem: I don't know what else to do