Toolpack v2.4:Status Menus:Screen Conventions

Most of the status screens are designed by default to provide the most relevant information in the general view. This general view may be extended to provide more information. In addition, status information can either be displayed once upon accessing a status screen or it can be refreshed on demand, or on a periodic basis. The choice is up to the user and this feature is common to every status screen. Another feature common to most screens is the ability to reset the values of displayed counters. This feature is key in enabling the user to verify whether certain conditions persist.

Extended Status

To display extended status, do the following

1. From a status screen, check the 'Extended status' check box.

The extended view is displayed.

Web Portal v2.3 Extended Status.png

Refresh Status

To refresh the current status display, do the following

1. From a status screen, either click the 'Now' button or select a refresh interval.

An update of status is displayed.

Web Portal v2.3 Refresh.png

Reset Status

To reset the counters of a current screen, do the following

1. Select the Reset status check box.

  • Click 'Now'

Web Portal v2.3 Reset Status.png