Toolpack v2.4:Status Menus:SS7 MTP2

General and detailed status information about the SS7 MTP2 stack is accessible from the SS7 MTP2 tab of the Global Status view.

General view

The SS7 MTP2 general view provides information about the health of the MTP2 links. From this view you can know the status of MTP2 links by seeing if they are up or down. Selecting an active link will display the detailed view for that line.

Web Portal v2.3 MTP2 General View.png

MTP2 Link Detailed Status

The MTP2 Link detailed status screen enables you to view the state of an MTP2 link and to modify the datalink state value for testing purposes.

To modify the datalink state of an MTP2 link

1. Select a value from the Datalink state combo box.

2. Click 'Apply States' to change the state.

To reset the counters of this screen, do the following

1. Select the 'Reset' status check box.

2. Click 'Now'.

Web Portal v2.3 MTP2 Detailed View.png

MTP2 Link Listing

The MTP2 Link listing, shown below, displays an expanded listing of each MTP2 link. In addition to indicating whether a link is up or down, this listing provides supplemental information. Selecting an MTP2 link from this listing displays its detailed information. For a full listing of all MTP2 Links, select MTP2 from the navigation panel, and choose the Status tab in the control panel.

Web Portal v2.3 MTP2 Link List.png