Toolpack v2.4:Status Menus:Applications

General and detailed status information about the applications that are run by one or more host machines is accessible from the Applications tab of the Global Status view.

General view

The general view, shown below, lists the applications, their host machines and their current and targeted states as follows:

  • Oam current state: The current operating state of the application.
  • Oam target state: The desired state of the application. Activated from the detailed status view.
  • Oam ha current state: If redundant applications exist, then this indicates its current high availability (HA) state. This is usually active if there is only one.
  • Oam ha target state: If redundant applications exist, the state of primary or secondary is assigned.

Web Portal v2.3 Application Links.png

Detailed view

The detailed status screen, shown below, lists the states of the application, its name, the host machine and the location of the application on the host. From this detailed view, the 'Oam'target state may be changed.

To modify the Oam target state of an application

1. Select a state from the Oam target state combo box.

2. Click 'Apply States' to change the states.

Web Portal v2.3 Application Status.png