Toolpack v2.4:Create an M3UA Peer Server

To create an M3UA peer server:

1. Click "Create New M3ua Peer Server" in the M3UA network configuration window:

Web Portal v2.4 Create M3UA Peer Server.png

2. Configure the new M3UA peer server:

  • Enter a name for the peer server
  • Check the "Local" box for local peer server (OPC). For remote peer server (DPC), do not check this box. (For signalling gateway, this option does not appear, SG uses only remote peer servers)
  • Enter a value for the routing context (must be unique within a local or non-local server list. However, this value does not need to be unique across lists).
  • Click "Create" to finalize the configuration

Web Portal v2.4 Creating M3UA Peer Server.png

3. Verify that the "M3ua Peer server was successfully created" message appears:

Web Portal v2.4 M3UA Peer Server Created.png

4. Associated the newly created peer server with a PSP:

  • Select a PSP from the list of available PSPs
  • Click the "<<" button to associate the PSP with the peer server

Web Portal v2.4 M3UA Peer Server PSP.png